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Energy of the Day

We are rarin’ to go at work today, full of things to say and eager to get the wheels in motion when it comes to building on the dreams of our loved ones, which is best achieved by separating ourselves from that to which we are attracted in favor of what makes sense to strive for. It’s okay to be guided by nostalgia to the degree that it leads us toward the ideals we grew up with, but focusing on the pain we bring forward from our pasts will make it difficult to get ahead, especially within our partnerships. Family and friends are our lucky charms under this energy, and nurturing their hopes is the best way to make use of the sorrow we feel around the material wishes we know are no longer in our own best interests.

Six of Cups | Sun (in Gemini in the Tenth) in Scorpio (activating Saturn Rx in the Third) | Sun Semisextile (a) & Saturn Opposite (s) Venus (in Taurus in the Ninth)/Semisextile & Trine (both s) Jupiter (in Cancer in the Eleventh)/Square & Trine (both s) Chiron (in Pisces in the Seventh)/Trine & Semisextile (both s) Ceres & Vesta (in Libra in the Second)

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