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Energy of the Day

Ladies, it’s hard for us to bring it down to earth today and do the work involved in self-improvement, but research brings us awareness of a creative approach to reducing emotional friction around the destruction of those things that no longer serve us in our partnerships. For all of us, training in new areas of technology allows us to remove blocks that are preventing us from communicating in ways that will help to advance our careers and shift our consciousnesses in terms of our communities. Pursuing the dreams we have for and with our families plays a big role in making us better people now, and the processes of breaking down and rebuilding what holds us back, of depriving ourselves of what we think we want in favor of what we really need, opens doors to pleasure we weren’t aware we could find in what we do for a living.

Queen of Swords | Water of Air | Virgo (activating Ascendant Conjunct {a} Pallas in the First) | Moon in Aquarius in the Sixth | Moon Opposite (s) Ascendant & (a) Pallas | Moon Conjunct (a) & Ascendant (a) & Pallas Opposite (s) Neptune (Rx in Pisces in the Seventh)/Semisquare (s) & Trine (both a) Pluto (Rx in Capricorn in the Fifth)/Trine (s) & Semisquare (both a) North Node (in Libra in the Second)/Square (s/both a) Midheaven (in Gemini in the Ninth)

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