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Energy of the Day

Ladies, spending some time considering what we’re creating in the world and what we’ll leave behind leads to feeling amorous and desirable today, but a bit agitated where work and dreams get in the way of saying what needs to be said. It’s important for all of us here that we persevere when it comes to communicating the things we hope for with our friends and those with whom we share our homes, and to keep irritability in check with our families when we have a hard time discerning the motivations of those around us. Resolution of issues around our careers is found by taking a close look at what draws us to them, and we find ourselves with a party in our pants when we achieve a measure of understanding around just what it is we’re wishing for.

Queen of Cups | Water of Water | Scorpio (activating Saturn {Rx} in the Third) | Neptune {Rx} in Pisces in the Seventh | Saturn Sesquisquare & Neptune Trine (s) Mercury (Rx in the Tenth)/Trine & Sesquisquare (s) Jupiter (in the Eleventh) (both in Cancer)

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