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Energy of the Week

There’s an emotional choice to be made this week regarding the physical energy we intend to put into the workings of our homes and how we’ll address the turbulence any changes we make now may cause in our partnerships. We have our doubts concerning what we should do with and about the things we share with our significant others, but a creative approach to expanding the scope of our alliance allows for the forging of an effective new beginning. Anticipation of the friendly support of those around us facilitates acting in ways that aid us in making the most ideal use of what we have toward building that of which we dream.

Two of Swords | Moon (in Pisces in the Seventh) in Libra (activating Mars, Vesta, Ceres & North Node in the Second) | Moon Quincunx (s) Mars/Sesquisquare (s) North Node | Mars Conjunct (a) Vesta & Ceres Conjunct (a) each other & North Node

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