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Energy of the Day

Today we struggle with speaking at work and at home in a way that doesn’t cause conflict with our friends or consequences in relation to the things that we intend to leave as a legacy. We’ll just have to go with the flow and do what we’re able to stay in tune with our partners, remembering where we came from and what we stand to gain by keeping our emotions in check. Grounding ourselves in the reality of how our words affect our reputations makes the best of this energy and keeps us firmly on the path to success.

The Chariot | Cancer (activating Mercury {Rx} in the Tenth & Jupiter Conjunct {a} Lilith {Rx} in the Eleventh) | Mercury Sesquisquare (s) & Jupiter & Lilith Trine (s/a) Saturn (Rx in Scorpio in the Third)/Trine (a) & Square (a/s) North Node (in Libra in the Second)

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