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Energy of the Day

Where we feel like fighting with our families and friends we need to be fighting for them today instead; it’s a struggle keeping our emotions and the way we express them on track now but it’s well worth the challenge. The dreams we share with our partners seem to be coming apart at the seams at the moment, but we’re only required to let go of those bits that stand in the way of building together what we really want. Self-discipline goes hand in hand with self-improvement here – following the leads of our breasts (yes, you men have them, too) and stomachs keeps us on track in this area – and the work involved in directing our energies away from overindulgence pays off in leaving more to put toward creating abundance.

The Chariot | Cancer (activating Mercury {Rx} & Jupiter in the Eleventh) | Mercury Sesquisquare & Jupiter Trine (a) Moon & (s) Saturn (Rx) (Conjunct in Scorpio in the Third)/Trine (s) & Sesquisquare (a) Neptune (Rx in Pisces in the Seventh)/Trine & Square (a) North Node (in Libra in the Second)/Sextile (s) & Semisquare (a) Pallas (in Virgo in the First)

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