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Energy of the Day

We’ll be best-served keeping any agitation we’re feeling at work and with our partners out of our voices when we speak with our families and friends today if we want to preserve the relationships we’ve spent so long building. There’s much beauty to be found in our communities today, but we find the darkness and mystery in ourselves blocking the creativity we need to use it wisely and make the most of the potential it bears. Going with the flow, remembering what it is that’s truly important to us personally, and giving up what we think we enjoy in favor of what’s really best for us are the keys to making our current efforts worthwhile.

The High Priestess | Moon (in Scorpio in the Third) | Moon Sesquisquare (s) Sun (in Gemini in the Tenth) & Chiron (in Pisces in the Seventh)/Trine (s) Mercury (Rx in Cancer in the Eleventh) & (a) Neptune (Rx in Pisces in the Seventh)/Opposite (a) Venus (in Taurus in the Ninth) & (s) South Node (in Aries in the Eighth)/Conjunct (s) North Node (in Libra in the Second)/Sextile (a) Ascendant & Pallas (in Virgo in the First)/Square (a) Vertex (in Capricorn in the Fifth) & Lilith (Rx in Leo in the Twelfth)

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