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Energy of the Week

We’re called upon this week first to make a decision about that challenging relationship at work, and then to follow through on whatever we decide; indecision and inaction are met with irritation in our hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs. We have an opportunity here for growth at home that supports good financial fortune in our careers by making disciplined but evolutionary changes in the way we communicate. The dreams that cause us pain in our partnerships and the mystery surrounding the reasons we can’t let them go stand in the way of making a clear choice, but once we get a handle on what it is we want to leave behind at the end of our lives we’re able to determine which direction we need to take.

The Lovers | Gemini (activating Sun in the Tenth) | Sun Trine (s) Mars (Conjunct {a}) & Vesta (&) Ceres Conjunct (a) North Node (in Libra in the Second)/Semisextile (a) Jupiter (in Cancer in the Eleventh)/Quincunx (s) Saturn (Rx in Scorpio in the Third)/Sextile (s) Uranus & (a) South Node (in Aries in the Third)/Square (s) Chiron (in Pisces in the Seventh)

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