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Energy of the Day

Special attention must be paid today to our written communications, especially those likely to affect our careers and marriages, and to the well-being of our bones, joints, and knees. Overall balance in life is achieved here through creative approaches toward our relationships (particularly in the bedroom, or wherever we might decide to get frisky), and by destroying those things we’ve built that no longer serve us in order to make room for the construction of things that will. There will be obstacles now in applying our energies to those areas in which we can expand and be fruitful, but our previous experiences help us keep an eye on our reputations and act accordingly in pushing past any blocks.

Three of Pentacles | Mars (in Libra in the Second) in Capricorn (activating Part of Fortune, Pluto {Rx} & Vertex in the Fifth) | Mars Square (a) Pluto

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[An example of the difference a few days make. 🙂 Love ya! ~Peace]