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Energy of the Day

Our wisest move today as we wrap up this current cycle is to use the pause to take stock of where we are in our own lives, and of what we’re doing with the people around us and the things we’re creating that will affect their lives. Where we find ourselves dissatisfied this is the time to make changes without mercy, but only after taking as long as we need to contemplate all the potential consequences and rewards of what we’re considering. The condition of our necks and throats guide us now in how, when, and with whom we communicate, and where we’re held back from doing so a reevaluation of what we intended to say is in order.

Seven of Pentacles | Saturn (Rx in Scorpio in the Third) in Taurus (activating Venus & Midheaven Conjunct {a} Juno {both Opposite [s] Saturn} in the Ninth)

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[Again, this is not a typo or mistake. The same card was drawn at random for yesterday as for today, and the same planets remain in play for my purposes with the same aspects. (This would not be the case if a few days had passed between draws of this card.) For the sake of brevity I don’t use the entire chart, but let the cards choose a focus and write on that piece each day or week or month or year, so today’s reading is the same as yesterday’s. The differences in the day’s wider energy are much more subtle here than the last time this happened, but what we bring forward from our pasts takes on a more material emphasis, and the work we do and things we own are more important than with whom we communicate. Be seeing more of you soonly, I hope! Love y’all. ~Peace]