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Energy of the Day

We need patience now, and some alone time to meditate on how best to direct our energies within our homes and how we intend to nurture our own creativity; this will help calm our nerves and unblock our bowels as well. We’ll do well to keep our opinions to ourselves at work here – it’s difficult to get things across the way we’d like – but it’s a good day for considering the things we’re drawn to but feel better without and how they affect us in our wider community. Communication with our friends and loved ones is also somewhat fractious today, but making the effort to share our dreams brings an opportunity to strengthen our partnerships.

The Hermit | Virgo (activating Pallas in the First) | Pallas Square (s) Sun (in Gemini in the Tenth)/Trine (s) Venus (in Taurus in the Ninth)/Sextile (s) Mercury & Semisquare (a) Jupiter (in Cancer in the Eleventh) & (s) Ceres & Vesta (Conjunct {a} in Libra in the Second)/Opposite (a) Neptune (in Pisces in the Seventh) | Sun Trine (a) & Jupiter Square (s) Ceres & Vesta/Square (s), Sesquisquare (a) & Mercury Trine (a) Neptune, both Sextile (s/a) Venus

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