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Energy of the Month

Men, watch your backs this month – on a physical level especially your lower backs (and glutes and kidneys) – and take a balanced, just approach in dealing with your partners at home and at work; too much energy and things will blow up around you, too little and you’ll find yourselves in a financial slump. For all of us, conflicts between getting ahead in our careers and the directions we want to take in our personal lives help us identify changes we can make to the way we nurture creativity to be more in line with our ideals. Legal matters are resolved most positively here by communicating clearly what we initially brought to the table and what actions we intend to take toward settlement.

King of Swords | Fire of Air | Libra (activating Mars Conjunct {a} both Ceres & Vesta both Conjunct {a} each other & North Node in the Second) | Sun (in Gemini in the Tenth) Trine (s) Ceres, Vesta & North Node

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