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Energy of the Day

Nothing is as it seems today; our dreams for our homes and families feel discordant, we’re having a hard time getting our point across at work, and the things we’ve always thought we wanted have lost a bit of their shine. Unpleasant as it may be, this is an opportunity to dive deeply into the things that hurt us in our relationships (including friendships and business alliances) and figure out how those around us can benefit from that pain. Our feet are susceptible to injury now, physically and figuratively, so we need to watch where we’re walking and let our intuitions be our guides.

The Moon | Pisces (activating Neptune & Chiron in the Seventh) | Neptune (s) & Chiron (a) Trine Moon & Sesquisquare & Trine Jupiter (in Cancer in the Eleventh)/Square Sun (in Gemini in the Tenth)/Sextile & Semisquare Venus (in Taurus in the Ninth)

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