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Energy of the Day

Reason, impartiality, and balance go a long way with the people around us today, especially with regard to physical actions we take to nurture our ideals on the domestic front. There’s still some personal agitation to be dealt with about what we bring forward from the past into our relationships – we’ll feel that in our lower back, buttocks, and kidneys; it’ll help to drink lots of clear liquids and lift with our legs – but creative communication with our partners at home and at work helps us find equilibrium. Judgments come easily today, and it’s on us to make sure that we’re judging others in the way we’d expect and hope to be judged if the situation were reversed.

Justice | Libra (activating Mars Conjunct {a} Vesta Conjunct {a} Ceres {Rx} in the Second Conjunct {a} North Node in the Third) | Sun (in Gemini in the Tenth) Trine (a) Mars, Vesta & Ceres & Sesquisquare (a) North Node

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