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Energy of the Day

We’re working hard today at making changes in the way we speak with those around us, seeking fun and creative ways to share our hopes and dreams with our families in ways that make our sorrows their lessons in hopes of sparing them pain. Discipline in communication, always important, is paramount now as our careers are on a good track off which they could most easily be bumped at the moment by the way we address our partners; bright and energetic interactions serve us well, arrogant or volatile ones do not. Knowledge is power, and taking enjoyment in what we learn now allows us to use it to greatest good effect if we will.

Ten of Wands | Saturn (Rx in Scorpio in the Third) in Sagittarius (activating the Fifth) | Saturn Trine (s) Jupiter (in Cancer in the Eleventh) & (a) Chiron (in Pisces in the Seventh)/Opposite (a) Midheaven & (s) Juno (Conjunct {a} in Taurus in the Ninth)/Square (s) Lilith (Rx in the Twelfth) & Ascendant (Conjunct {s} in Leo)/Sextile (a) Vertex (in Capricorn in the Fifth)

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