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Energy of the Day

The blocks we’ve felt in moving toward financial security at home with our partners are still causing friction and agitation, but doing the work anyway brings growth and good luck as the tension begins to ease. We find ourselves feeling nostalgic for old friends and family, and talking with them helps us refocus our efforts in directions that matter in the here and now. Harmony is found in maintaining a steady pace in our activities and adjusting course moment-by-moment, and here again it’s the bait-and-tackle and hello-kitty that tell us when we’re on-track and when we’re going astray.

Six of Cups | Sun (in Gemini in the Tenth) in Scorpio (activating Saturn Rx in the Third) | Jupiter (in Cancer in the Eleventh) Semisquare (s) Sun/Trine (s) Saturn | Jupiter Square (s) Ceres & Vesta (Conjunct {a} in Libra in the Second) | Ceres Sesquisquare (s) Sun/Semisextile (a) Saturn | Vesta Trine (a) Sun/Semisextile (a) Saturn

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[Pardon the euphemisms. We have a nine-year-old who tells us American Idol isn’t a family show because some of the dancing is ‘disgusting’. I try to write these with his sensibilities in mind, and there are only so many ways to say ‘genitals’. 😀 Just watch the junk here, and maybe keep it in its trunk for today. Love y’all! ~Peace]