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Energy of the Day

Activities undertaken with our partners today in the name of our mutual financial well-being and future legacy result in an improvement to our public image. We need to separate ourselves mentally from the problem now in order to discover unique, evolutionary physical approaches to making what we’ll leave behind in our community reflect what we find meaningful in life. Long-distance travel comes with headaches inherent under this energy, but maintaining grace under pressure has an unusually profound effect on those around us.

Two of Wands | Mars (in Libra in the Second) in Aries (activating Uranus in the Eighth & South Node & Venus in the Ninth) | Mars Opposite (a) Uranus | Venus Conjunct (s) South Node

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[This is not a typo or mistake. The same card was drawn at random for yesterday as for today, and the same planets remain in play for my purposes with the same aspects. (This would not be the case if a few days had passed between draws of this card.) For the sake of brevity I don’t use the entire chart, but let the cards choose a focus and write on that piece each day or week or month or year, so today’s reading is the same as yesterday’s. However, in the wider energy there’s still an overall shift which requires adjusting one’s focus, in this case from an awareness of others to an integration therewith. Also, intuition is running higher, fortunate circumstances are less difficult to come by, and emphasis shifts from the spiritual and emotional to the mental and material aspects of what must be done. Have a great one! ~Peace]