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Energy of the Week

Men, you and your emotions are at war this week concerning your career, but peace can be found by talking with your most influential allies about what you hope to build with them. For all of us, good fortune is found in remembering that our families really are our best friends and in making the effort – despite the friction our spirits are feeling – to treat them as such, not only by communicating with them about our dreams and wishes but also by remembering that we’re building now what we intend to leave behind for their future use. Approaching this energy thoughtfully, absorbing what others are trying to tell us and using it to expand upon what we’ve already started, allows us to finish up and set aside what’s seemed like a major challenge in favor of getting on with the really important stuff.

King of Pentacles | Fire of Earth | Gemini (activating Moon & Sun {Combust (a)} in the Tenth & Mercury in the Eleventh) | Jupiter (in Cancer in the Eleventh) Trine (s) Saturn (Rx in Scorpio in the Third)/Semisquare (s) Moon & Sun

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