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Energy of the Day

Today we’re most attracted to and stand to benefit most greatly from focusing on the business of self-improvement, specifically as relates to changes in the things of which we deprive ourselves in the name of our own well-being. We know what we need to stop doing, and this energy will support us in letting go of what no longer serves us in favor of those things that do. Our spirit and our ego* need to come to terms with one another’s needs, but the directed application of energy toward making good choices under this circumstance pays off in terms of making us better people overall.

Nine of Pentacles | Venus (in Aries in the Ninth) in Virgo (activating Pallas in the First) | Venus Trine (a) Pallas

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[*The word ‘ego’ gets a bad rap as meaning ‘arrogance’. In fact, the ego is merely that part of us that defines who we are. If we naturally tend toward unwarranted pride then we might be considered egotistical, but even the most humble among us have an ego, a.k.a. a personality. ~Peace]