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Energy of the Day

We have the potential now to revitalize our material situation through communication with our friends, although there’s friction around trying to reconcile our work relationships with what we’re creating in our communities. Continued disciplined investment in our personal betterment revives our sense of creative pleasure and brings good fortune in endeavors we’ve picked up again after having set them aside for a time. Indulging our hopes and dreams doesn’t set very well with our colleagues right now, but choosing not to do so sets us up for missed opportunities that will come around again but we have no way of knowing when.

Ace of Pentacles | Root of Earth | Venus (in Aries in the Ninth) Sextile (a) Mercury (in Gemini in the Eleventh) Semisquare Midheaven (in Taurus in the Ninth with…) & … Juno Trine (a/s) Pluto (Rx) & Vertex (in Capricorn in the Fifth) | Pallas (in Virgo in the First) Trine Venus & Midheaven | Saturn (Rx in Scorpio in the Fourth) Opposite (a) Juno

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