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Energy of the Day

Scheduled financial commitments force us to decide with our partners what really needs to be done at home, and while we have exciting new ideas about how best to create a lasting legacy we’re finding it difficult to put those thoughts into action in a timely manner. We shine at work now though, and find it’s the choices we’re making with those closest to us that are allowing for expansion of our material dreams related to career and community. Today is not a time to rest on our laurels, but to find pleasurable and creative yet disciplined ways to push forward in bringing to fruition proposals we thought were defunct.

Seven of Wands | Mars (in Libra in the Second) in Leo (activating the Ascendant) | Mars Conjunct (a) Vesta (Rx)/Trine (a) Sun & Part of Fortune (in Gemini in the Tenth)/Semisquare (s) Saturn (Rx in Scorpio in the Fourth)/Opposite Uranus (in Aries in the Eighth)/Quincunx (s) Neptune (in Pisces in the Seventh) & (a) Midheaven (in Taurus in the Ninth)/Square (a) Pluto (Rx) & the Vertex (both in Capricorn in the Fifth)

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