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Energy of the Day

Introspective communication today highlights existent opportunities to make something evolutionary we’ve wanted to try at home into a fruitful community venture. Building on what’s been given to us even when we can’t see how things are likely to play out or where we’ll have to go along the way is what it takes to create a worthwhile legacy. Our thoughts are sharp under this energy, but we’ll do well to keep in mind that we’re not aware of all the factors likely to be involved when everything is said and done; some things will end while this thing is beginning and we’re not likely to be comfortable with all we leave behind, but we just have to accept that it is what it’s meant to be.

The Fool | Air | Mercury (in Gemini in the Fourth) Sextile (s) Venus (in the Ninth…) Conjunct (s) Uranus (in the Eighth…) (…both in Aries)

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