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Energy of the Day

A challenging friendship requires a decision today, and making the effort to have a conversation with that individual about what it is we hope can be possible between us is rewarded with greater emotional health within our families. Opportunities taken to creatively transform the way in which we interact with the wider world allow for growth and prosperity in the home but foster financial friction at work. It’s getting easier to talk with our partners about our ideals but more difficult to support others in engaging their individuality – this is a chronic struggle that’s making itself manifest under this energy in our hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs; finding ways to offer that reinforcement despite the difficulties brings a lucky break for us related to those to whom we are most committed.

The Lovers | Gemini (activating Mercury in the Eleventh) | Mercury Quicunx (a) Saturn (Rx in Scorpio in the Fourth) & (s) Moon (in Capricorn in the Sixth)/Sextile (s) Uranus & Venus (in Aries in the Ninth) & (a) Ascendant (in Leo)/Semisextile (s) Jupiter (in Cancer in the Twelfth)/Semisquare (a) Midheaven (in Taurus in the Ninth)/Square (s) Chiron (in Pisces in the Eighth)/Trine (s) Vesta & (a) Ceres (both Rx in Libra in the Third)

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