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Energy of the Week

An important decision must be made this week that affects fundamental emotional aspects of our homes and creates friction and agitation within our families around things we feel it would be best, personally, to avoid for the time being. We’re rethinking the way in which we approach our spouses or long-term domestic partners under this energy, and looking for an ideal that nurtures the qualities that matter most to us in the atmospheres we create at work; proper remodeling always includes some demolition. Now is the time to critically judge our own standards, our choices as weighed against those standards, and ourselves in light of those choices, knowing that anywhere we find lack, sincere and dedicated efforts to correct the situation will be richly rewarded.

Wheel of Fortune | Jupiter (in Cancer in the Twelfth) Conjunct (a) Lilith/Sesquisquare (a) Moon (in Pisces in the Seventh)/Semisquare (a) Pallas (in Virgo in the First) & Sun (in Gemini in the Tenth)/Square (s) Vesta & (a) Ceres (both Rx in Libra in the Third), (s) Uranus (in the Eighth…) & Venus (in the Ninth…) (… both in Aries)/Trine (a) Saturn (Rx in Scorpio in the Fourth) & (s) Chiron (in Pisces in the Eighth)/Opposite (s) Pluto (Rx in Capricorn in the Fifth)/Semisextile Ascendant (in Leo)/Sextile (a) Juno (in the Ninth…) & Part of Fortune (in the Tenth…) (…both in Taurus)

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