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Energy of the Day

It’s given that we’re made, we’re born, we make more, we die, we’re made and born again and so on*: The only question is whether we can master the process and take our lives and homes and relationships and careers to the next level with intention and purpose in the meantime. Friction with our partners over what material goods our money is going to buy is resolved by sitting down with our friends and taking a strongly critical look at what we need, what we want, and what we’re hanging onto that’ll be emotionally painful to let go, but would do others more good than it does us. It’s our private bits on the hot plate today so we might wanna just keep ’em in our pants; there’s work to be done in any case.

Death | Scorpio (activating Saturn Rx in the Fourth) | Saturn Semisquare (s) Mars (Rx in Libra in the Second) & Moon & Vertex (in Capricorn in the Fifth)/Opposite (s) Juno (in the Ninth…) & Sun (in the Tenth…) (…both in Taurus)/Quincunx (a) Venus (in Aries in the Ninth) & Mercury (in Gemini in the Eleventh)/Trine (s) Part of Fortune & Chiron (Rx in Pisces in the Eighth) & (a) Jupiter (in Cancer in the Twelfth)/Square (a) Ascendant (in Leo)/Semisextile Vesta & Ceres (both Rx in Libra in the Third)

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[*Unless you believe that there are two or three (or no) potential destinations when you die and you never come back, in which case this is even more important ’cause this life is your only go-round. ~P.]