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Energy of the Day

Today’s energy centers around long-distance travel and what it is we’re meant to send forward in service to society, as well as how our contributions do and will express who we are individually. Acting authoritatively where we’re equipped to do so solidifies opportunities for material success and personal evolution, but headaches and bumps to the noggin are par for the course here and must not distract us from the mental exploration that transforms our ambitions and attractions. Engaging in the settling, focusing ritual of our choice – be it prayer, meditation, exercise, cooking, whatever it is that puts us in our respective ‘zones’ – serves to bolster the power of our will as it relates to our effect in the wider world.

The Emperor | Aries (activating Venus, Uranus, South Node, and Midheaven in the Ninth)

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[Hey, y’all, I’ve missed ya this last couple weeks. Obviously it’s spring, many things to do that don’t normally need to be done now that the rain is over (and it probably is pretty much over ’til September-ish; Farmer’s Almanac, the most accurate forecasters of this past winter’s weather patterns, says May will be quite a lot warmer than usual – that’s starting in earnest today – and slightly drier, then the rest of the summer will be in the cooler than normal or normal range and on the dry or normal side for precipitation, which for us means none ’til fall most years), plus work has picked up so there’s not been a lotta time to chat or share all the awesome stuff y’all are puttin’ out there, so I just wanna take a moment to say hey and I hope all’s well with you. C.P., if you find the most recent of your poems I posted, I think it was No. 336, I loved that one. I want you to do what you’d like with that, but if you’d like to ask me (as you did)… NO, no no, it was No. 330! LOVE that one. I’d be honored to have a part in letting it see a wider light of day. And hopefully I’ll get done with all my spring stuff and settle into a summer schedule that allows a little more time with y’all. 🙂 Love ya! Stay sexy. 🙂 ~Peace]