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Energy of the Day

External pressure and friction related to how we communicate about our home lifestyles at work creates mental tension and anxiety concerning our reputations now, but speaking openly and with our partners in mind makes the best of this wave in our financial and emotional cycle. We find it difficult under this energy to voice our dreams for our families as they relate to our careers, and we can’t really tell where the people closest to us are coming from when they offer their support. Giving up something we like in favor of our health at least for today helps us to understand more about where we came from and to focus our energies where we really need to be putting them.

Ace of Swords | Root of Air | Mercury in Gemini in the Tenth Trine (a) Moon in the Second & Mars in the Third, Sesquisquare Chiron in the Third, all in Libra/Semisextile Juno in Taurus, Sextile (a) Venus & Semisquare (s) Midheaven, both in Aries, all in the Ninth/Semisquare (s) Jupiter in Cancer in the Twelfth/Square (a) Pallas in Leo in the First & Neptune in Pisces in the Seventh

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