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Energy of the Day

Today’s potential will not be fulfilled without a fight, both at home in being true to who we are and at work as friction arises in discussions about money, but balance is found easily under this energy and a disciplined approach toward our families’ legacies is duly rewarded. Tearing our homes apart in search of what’s causing them to be out of balance leaves us reaching at times for new ways to deal with our physical environment, frustrated at solutions that seem just out of reach, but it’s worth persevering to find what works for everyone using the space. There’s no time to stop or step away other than to eat or to feed those who depend upon us if we want to make the most of this considerable and ultimately fortunate energy, but alertness and common sense* are called for as we move from step to step.

The Chariot | Cancer (activating Jupiter in the Twelfth) | Jupiter Sextile (a) Sun/Semisquare (a) Mercury (both in Taurus in the Tenth)/Square (s) Mars & Part of Fortune (in Libra in the Third)/Trine (a) Saturn (in Scorpio in the Fourth)/Square (s) Uranus & Midheaven (in Aries in the Ninth)/Opposite (s) Pluto (in Capricorn in the Sixth)

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[* ‘Common sense’, in my opinion, can also be referred to by the popular phrase, ‘the sixth sense’, ‘common sense’ being inborn knowledge with which we come equipped through DNA and various other aspects of our beings which make up the ‘intuition’ or ‘psychic ability’ we call our ‘sixth sense’. (Pardon all the ‘air quotes’. 😀 ) In other words, today’s a good day for trusting our guts. 🙂 ~Peace]

[Also, Dude had to make a lot of planets for today, obviously (but then they’ll be done and he’ll be able to reuse them 🙂 ), and a friend called this morning to ask for some help so today’s video will be late but cool! Hopin’ to be back up to speed by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience! 🙂 ~P.]