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Energy of the Day

Creative communication of new knowledge with our partners and families expands our financial career opportunities today, but unsettled money matters of which we’re unaware within our own homes are holding us back from engaging in a productive way with those around us. Mental exploration of our personal spirituality allows us to see unusual ways in which we’ll be able to rebuild the parts of our business that have fallen into disrepair and gives us a glimpse of where the current path of our life’s work is likely to take us. Physical activity in the pursuit of overall balance is rewarded under this energy with previously undiscovered self-awareness.

Judgment | Fire | Sun (in Taurus in the Tenth) Quincunx (a) Mars (in Libra in the Third)/Sextile (a) Jupiter (in Cancer in the Twelfth) | Mars Square (s) Jupiter | Leo (activating the Part of Fortune in the First) | Sagittarius (activating the Fifth) | Aries (activating Uranus and the Midheaven in the Ninth)

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