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I ain't beaten yet wop logo 3 Hey y’all! In my career I’ve met a lot of achievers, both famous and not so famous and I loved collecting their stories. One thing they all had in common was an absolute blind refusal to give up when the load became too heavy.
The ability to pick oneself off the ground…(yet again!) and dust off the seat of our pants is in all of us. If you are experiencing tough times this little series of stories is for you. For some folk, who seem to have been handed it all on a plate, their stories will surprise you!


WHO? : Blondie

IS? : A band

SAID? : ‘Music is wonderful’

Blondie’s story drew me to it not because it was one of those knock you off your feet type stories, but maybe because it isn’t. But it demonstrates something I talk about an awful lot…

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