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Our children are exploring how secrets affect them in the wider world, with an instinctive understanding that there can be power in knowledge withheld; they deeply desire to expand their boundaries. We’ll want to bring our most progressive yet undeveloped ideas to any meetings we attend today, and think about them from the most basic, fundamental perspectives. Creative changes in our habitual beliefs and deliberate consideration of what should be revealed and what should remain in shadow bring us closer to clarity on what kind of interactions allow for the greatest positive effect around ourselves.

Moments of Awareness, LLC

[Allowing for the greatest positive effect is different than forcing the greatest positive effect. ‘Allowing’ lets anyone who wants to embrace that effect do so, while letting those who’d prefer to ride along with a neutral effect or even to have a negative effect freely choose those options. Negative behavior is best dealt with in the moment and, wherever possible, with great power but little force. Positive behavior that’s chosen for no other reason than that it’s the right choice is the best deterrent, the best antidote, and the best immunity against behavior prone to negative consequences. Positive behavior that may be the result of fear leaves doubt that it was chosen according to the convictions of the individual, therefore also leaving doubt that, when the threat of punishment or whatever the fear is borne of is removed, the positive behavior will continue. When we leave the field wide open we’re each free to demonstrate who we are, giving all of us the ability to make more informed choices about the company we keep as well as more able to act in our own defense when the need arises. Just a thought. Love ya! ~Peace]