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Vote for Julie Bjerkness – Eden Prairie, MN in the 2014 National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero contest!.

Please vote for Joey’s mom to get this van. I know her personally, and I could give you all the reasons that they deserve it and need it and why they’re the ‘best’ recipients, but the truth is, every entrant has their story. I care about Julie and Joey, so I’d like it if you’d vote for them. The fact is, Julie’s kept them in a position of not being desperate for things, so their story isn’t all that sad or painful, but to me that’s all the more reason to support her in something like this. She faces unique challenges every day, not exclusive – many parents of kids with cerebral palsy and other disabilities deal with similar issues – but unique to most of us, takes it in stride, I can’t recall ever hearing her complain… I’ve known her… ten years? and while she experiences life’s waves like we all do, she’s rarely phased by them. Joey chose her for her calm, partly, and for her strength. Anyway, because I know those things about them, I hope you’ll choose to vote for them. If not, well, vote for someone. It’s easy and painless and will provide one of the entrants with something they can certainly use. (Vote for Julie though, ’cause really and truly… Just… vote for Julie. Please? šŸ™‚ )