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Lorraine Pursell


Where have we pinched ourselves off? Love, light and blessings flow freely- we are in the stream of well-being, and there is nothing other than that! Now you want to burn this newspaper or smash your computer, or at lease unsubscribe after reading this! I know. I understand.

The question is for all of us: Where have we pinched ourselves off? Think of a garden hose. You turn on the faucet and the water freely flows out the other end. If it’s NOT flowing freely out the other end it is because there is a kink. Where is the kink in our hoses, individually and collectively? Sometimes we have to examine the length of the hose, untwisting it as we go, to find the areas where the water flow is stopped.

The water was meant to flow freely. And it does if nothing is in the way. In our lives…

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