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Sunset Boulevard

My earliest memories of Saving Private Ryan are not exactly positive. For one thing, I didn’t even get through the first ten minutes during my first viewing (who would’ve thought one exceedingly long and uncommonly gory battle sequence would be too much for a nine-year old?).

article-0-00114EC600000258-15_468x286When I finally did pluck up the courage to give Saving Private Ryan a second chance, the Normandy landings sequence was still absolutely terrifying, albeit for slightly different reasons. The first time around, I honestly think I was just freaked because it was loud. Watching it as a (relatively) grown-up person now, what got me the most was the utter hopelessness of the situation. One volley of gunfire destroying countless men instantly. The colours of life waning into an ashen echo; that is, save for the tides, which wash blood-red as the camera pans out over the Norman coast.

The film follow a group of soldiers…

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