Jnana's Red Barn

the house splits our property unevenly
with the driveway and kitchen garden to one side
(with a barn and a shed to the rear)
and a larger, uneven lawn on the other
a seeming afterthought or Demilitarized Zone
to the west

when we set forth
nothing, not even a fence or a doorway
appears to tie it to our small estate
though it is, the mortgage insists, ours all the way
to an obscure diagonal boundary
a few feet from Old Ernie’s pristine asphalt

and so
sniffing around this patch, I consider
how it twists away from our red siding as if rebelling
from repeated intentional slights
or fleeing to friendlier neighbors

an attitude
we would reverse with a nip here, a tuck there
a berm, raised beds
basic visuals and plantings
and a wilder style

apprehensively, I imagine
having the wherewithal to install a swimming pool
or an enclosed…

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