Women’s History Month


A dissertation on human worth and mutual respect in honor of Women’s History Month.

Source: Women’s History Month

President Trump is a Genius


An opinion piece on the intellect of the US’ 45th president, as demonstrated throughout his career.

Source: President Trump is a Genius

Let President Trump Do Whatever He Wants


An essay on immigration, famine, and why we should let President Trump have his way.

Source: Let President Trump Do Whatever He Wants

Excerpts from ‘Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements’ with Annotations, or ‘The New Trump Towers’


Excerpts from ‘EO: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements’ with annotations, or ‘The New Trump Towers’

Source: Excerpts from ‘Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements’ with Annotations, or ‘The New Trump Towers’

Trump, Clinton, and Human Rights


An opinion piece about Clinton, Trump, and rights.

Source: Trump, Clinton, and Human Rights

Excerpts from a Conversation with a bhean an-deas na hÉireann

Excerpts of a conversation with a lovely Irish lady about Trump, divisiveness, and hope for a truly civilized human society.

Source: Excerpts from a Conversation with a bhean an-deas na hÉireann

FOX News

A quick thought on FOX News and the social impact of comedy.

Source: FOX News

Women’s (or Anyone Else’s) Empowerment

An opinion piece on the subject of the empowerment of women.

Source: Women’s (or Anyone Else’s) Empowerment


Short article by Peace Jaway of MOA on the masculine and feminine polarities in tarot and astrology.

Source: Polarities




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I’ve enjoyed my time away from social networking very much. (Thank you all for the birthday wishes; it was an excellent day. 🙂 ) Social media’s been a part of my life for nineteen years, and as I am wont to do when the mood takes me (look back to where Energy of the Day started on this blog, its second incarnation, as Energy of the Month; sometimes I’ve taken years off from that), I’m shifting my focus for the next while back to video. I love makin’ videos, and I’ve been away from it for over a year, since before MOA went off the air (again), as it is also wont to doing. As always it had a good run, and as always it’ll be back somewhere, someday. 🙂

I’ve been workin’ (at work), workin’ on the outdoor stuff, workin’ on the fish tanks (got a deal we couldn’t turn down on a fifty-five-gallon long with accoutrements; thanks, Rick), workin’ on that writing project some of you have heard so much about, either from its beginning nineteen years ago or more recently, playin’ with Dude, Jr., mostly while he works with us on stuff. It’s so much fun to hear him be proud of himself for helping. 🙂

Dude’s been workin’ at work – He’s really enjoying the Forest Service; when we came here his goal was to work with them or the BLM, and he was told even when we were in NC that his best bet was to do what he’s been doin’, finish his education and work for any government agency he can until he gets his foot in the door. These last two summers have both feet wedged firmly in exactly the doors he’s lookin’ to go through – and on his music and, when he has time, his animations. [Check his stuff out at Psychedelic Aire.]

So this is my first fish video in… well, ever. In my earlier aquarist days, twenty-fivish years ago when I wasn’t very good with ’em, I didn’t have video capabilities). I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed makin’ it and as much as Dude enjoyed makin’ the music that gives it punch. For your viewing pleasure, Fish, 20-Gallon Long, July 30, 2014:

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